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Our Team

 Sarah Haskas, B.A, M. A. Head of Schools - Joined River School 2004

How can a family participate in the River School experience with their child?

"At River School we believe that the children learn from everyone and so we enthusiastically encourage family involvement.  Studies have shown that children make more progress in their vocabulary, language comprehension and understanding of books and print and number concepts when the school and family are partners.  The studies have also shown that when there is parental participation children will have better self-esteem." (Evanglelou and Sylva, 2003).

How can you participate?

  • In the morning when dropping your child off, you are welcome to stay and read to the children and to enjoy breakfast with the whole class.  You will find the children are eager to listen to a story and are excited to share their ideas with you.
  • Join us at one of our pancake breakfasts, art gallery exhibits, and a musical and dramatic performance or if your child is in the PreK class, please join us on a field trip.
  • River School teachers encourage our families to participate in a variety of classroom activities. Perhaps you would like to join your child for circle time, work on a project or celebrate with us for school wide holiday.
  • Would you like to volunteer your expertise as a “guest presenter” and talk to the children about a favorite topic, teach us a song or help with an art project?

"As an integral part of our River School family you are encouraged to partake in whatever capacity you are able.  The children enjoy sharing their day with their families and we look forward to your involvement in the River School community."

Evangelou, M. & Sylva, K. (2003).  The Effects of the Peers Early Education Partnership (Peep) on Children’s Developmental Progress.  Department of Education Studies, University of Oxford.

 Fran Izdebski, CDA, Associate Director / Infant & Toddler Specialist - Joined River School 1989

What makes River School’s Infant & Toddler programs special?

“The first and most important factor that makes River School’s Infant and Toddler Program special is the love and nurturing that is provided every day to each child by a dedicated staff. This kind of care is the main ingredient needed for a child to grow and develop to their full potential. A good infant and toddler program supports each child as they explore and learn about their surroundings. River School children learn to communicate their ideas and feelings, form bonds with their classmates and caregivers and see him/herself as a “can do” individual.

River School brings 25 years of experience to our infant and toddler program and provides ongoing training to all our staff. Each child’s growth and development, from the earliest stage, is supported by a caregiver who has the knowledge to identify the milestones of early childhood development and to ensure each child is challenged to explore his or her surroundings.

On a personal note I cannot imagine a more rewarding job than one where you arrive at work each day and hear a baby's laughter and see a child smile, or witness for the first time, a baby rolling from stomach to back and back to stomach, sit alone, crawl, stand, walk, run, talk and interact with other babies”. 

 Cara Campoli, B.A., M.A. Educational Director, Newport – Joined River School 2009

Will River School children be ready for kindergarten when they graduate?

“River School teachers work diligently to create lessons and activities that are exciting for the children, yet grounded in skill sets that meet universal curriculum standards and age appropriate milestones. The children are immersed in a play and inquiry based curriculum guided by their teachers and designed to promote cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. The children learn the importance of working together in a community, taking pride in their accomplishments and become independent learners who seek out their own answers. It is through these scenarios that a confident child emerges, one that is prepared to face challenges head on with the mindset that anything can be accomplished. Our teachers pay close attention to the details, evaluating their lessons and their students’ progress as they work in small groups and one on one. The attentive nature of our teachers, strong support from family, and the confidence that the children have gained, provide a strong foundation for future academic success.”

“Yes, when your children graduate from River School they will be ready for kindergarten and will look forward to a lifetime of joyful learning”.

 Kelly Stanton, B.A., Educational Director, Exchange Place - Joined River School 2007

What can you tell us about the River School community?

“In today’s diverse community it is imperative for children to explore their surroundings and learn about the ever-changing world around them. At River School the children have many opportunities for developing an appreciation for each other’s similarities and differences and celebrating what makes each of us unique. Through school wide events and parent involvement at holiday celebrations and special events, children learn cooperative social skills, enhance their self-esteem and discover exciting new things about the world around them. On a daily basis, as the children enjoy walks around the neighborhood their teachers pose questions and the children make observations about their surroundings, during music with Mr. John, the children gather together as a whole school and sing their favorite songs and every spring we celebrate the “Week of the Young Child” celebrating children, from around the world.

As educators it is our responsibility to help the children be individuals who respect each other and cherish the friendships they have made at River School”.


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